Traditional Stereo Mastering: 2-track mix is processed through a single audio path - into a stereo mastering system.
    Separation Mastering (Stems Mastering): with Analog Summing 2 or more separated portions of your mix (example: drums, bass, instruments, vocals) are processed through a vintage discrete summing mixer device (with HAUFE/PIKATRON in/out transformer) and high-end stereo mastering system.


    Dedicated cassette mastering with source for cassette duplication

    Master for vinyl production (dedicated vinyl pre-mastering with outboards)
    master for high resolution music
    DDP image

    Apple MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) Certified studio

    EQ, compression and limiting

    Noise reduction, click removal and stereo enhancement

    Online approval service

    PQ encoding

    ISRC code insertation

    Error checked Red Book production master

    FTP delivery available if required

    Mastering notes and cue sheets


    LuLu Falemara

    Had my song mastered by Major Oak Audio Mastering. I recommend that my fellow music artists should give them a try.
    Quality Mastering. Looking forward to working with them again.


    Jose Maria Matas Gomis (Chema Matas)

    Thanks so much Luca for your excellent mastering work at my "OVERLOOK" CD. It sounds now just P-E-R-F-E-C-T. This is a great and absolutely professional mastering work.


    Virandeira Folk

    Thank you for your work. Both the result and your treatment have been incredibly professional. We could not be happier with the final sound of our "Metamorfose" CD. Hopefully we can count on you again in our next albums.


    Muchísimas gracias por tu trabajo. Tanto el resultado como tu trato han sido increíblemente profesionales. No podíamos estar más contentos con el sonido final de nuestro CD “Metamorfose”. Ojalá podamos volver a contar contigo en nuestros próximos discos.


    Ryan Farmer

    I had never had anything properly mastered before but i'm glad i chose major oak to do my EP, they really made it come alive and i now have a professional sounding set of songs i couldn't be happier with. A helpful service and an affordable price, i would certainly recommend them!

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    stereo mastering
    Traditional Stereo Mastering: 2-track mix is processed through a single audio path - into an analog stereo mastering system.
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